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Web2 Innovation was founded in 2009, as a web development company that brings the development process onto a new level. We are focused on delivering the best and most cost-effective solutions that enable our clients to achieve their business vision. All of our software applications are meant to solve business problems, boost productivity and generate a specific return on investment.

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We help companies innovate, save budget, rescue timelines, and establish peace of mind. That's what we mean when we say that we offer complete web solutions. We bring a wide range of hands-on business and IT experience to assignments and turn business ideas into custom software applications.

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Our web development company will help you finetune the vision of your project and reach your goals in your competitive environment. We’re not just agile web developers, we know how to get real and what it takes to envision, implement and maintain succesful and prosper web development projects.

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We welcome our customers to express opinion about the services they received from us. We will share testimonials with you here, so that you can take well-founded decisions when choosing the development partner and be sure of the quality service that you will receive.

Jean-Philippe Schoeffel

“I am extremely happy with the performance of Web2 Innovation team. They have been working on the re-engineering of an existing application, and have been able to achieve dramatic improvement in the system productivity, as well as come up with important enhancements, and save over 30% of the total development cost due to innovative and highly professional approach.” Read more